Install do not work...

  • Anonymous - 2004-01-11

    I would like to try your sofware ShopCms but I cannot install it.
    I always receive the follwing message :
    - DBI Connect ('database=shopcms;host=localhost;','user',...) failed: Can'tconnect to MYSQL server on 'localhost'(10061) at cmsshop/cgi-bin/shopcms/install.cgi line 35
    Would you help me please!...
    Best regards, Henri.....

    • Brian S. Craigie

      The software is buggy, and localhost is hardcoded instead of being parameterised.  Since my database is on a different server from my cgi pages, I got this same error.

      What I did was to edit cgi-bin/shopcms/config.txt and create a new line:

      Edit in the cgi-bin/shopcms/Freedom folder.

      After the line:-
      my $db_username = $config_hash{'db_username'};
      add a new line:
      my $db_server = $config_hash{'db_server'};

      Then change:-

      Then edit htdocs/shopcms/public.php and replace 'localhost' with:
      (line 17 I think)

      Then search all the files for the work 'localhost' and replace 'localhost' with
      wherever you find it (if you find any - I made so many other changes I can't remember if there were any other localhosts).

      Check in the config.txt that you have the correct values set for db_name, db_username and db_password to match your database.  You may have to run the mysql createdatabase command if your ISP (or you) have not done that already (my ISP already had created a database, and I wasn't allowed to create another).

      I spent all day figuring it out.  The documentation is very minimal (and wrong) isn't it ?
      For example admin, public and install should all have .cgi on the end wherever you see them in the document.

      I hope that helps you.  If I find out any other useful info, I'll post it in this forum.


    • bluemoon

      bluemoon - 2007-12-06

      What do I put for db_driver?  My host didn't give me an answer.  I just put the db_name and db_password (added that field) but don't know what the driver is.

      Also, I'm not sure what to put for the cookie IP. Do I put my general host IP in there? 

      Please advise. Thanks.


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