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1.2 release, with preliminary web interface

The command line flags have been refined, and a Linux only prototype of WebbedShoes is included.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-06-23

Web interface coming

I have begun development and testing of a PHP version of GNU/Shoes. Single files work already, and I'm beginning work on allowing for submission of tarballs and zip files containing multiple files. This version will be a full reimplementation of GNU/Shoes in PHP, not simply a PHP script that calls the Perl version. This is done to simplfy the installation and allow the calling of only one language interpreter, not two.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-06-14

GNU/Shoes 1.0 released

After some testing, version 1.0 is out. Changes center around the inclusion of the required Perl modules. Where from here? Future versions will automate module checking and installation, and also correct the "I can't connect to a Jabber server so I'm going to spew 2k of error messages" bug. I consider it a nuisance, but certainly not major issue.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-03-14

Version 0.7 released

Minor feature release. Added the hostname of the machine running the job to the Jabber notification. I find this useful as I usually run jobs on several machines, to spread out the load, and work from ssh sessions on one desktop. This way, I know which session to go back to when I get the message.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-01-31

GNU/Shoes 0.6

Jabber notification is complete. Shoes now requires that 4 Perl modules be installed, all available from You may use any Jabber server on which you have for can create an account.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-01-26

GNU/Shoes 0.5

This release includes version tags, -v and --version, and the ability to specify both input and output file type.

Upcoming feature in the works: Jabber message upon batch completion.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-01-25

GNU Shoes 0.3/0.4 release

These two releases have differing features, thus justifying two seperate releases.

0.3 maintains previous functionality, but fixes the Win32 installer.

0.4 adds the ability to select the type of file being converted to OGG format. If nothing is specified at the command line, Shoes defaults to WAV.

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-01-25

GNU/Shoes 0.2 released

This release of GNU/Shoes brings Windows support to the project. The installer is still *nix only, but this will be rectified in a future release, and does not hamper the function of the program itself. Happy batch converting!

Posted by Gwyn Ciesla 2004-01-15