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Update for Windows platforms now available

The Windows port has been updated. New features include:
- Support for all versions of Windows from XP to 7.
- Support for 64-bit Windows platforms
- Added features in ShipsClockConfig: Test button, Start/Stop the service

Posted by Bob Gunion 2012-03-22

Linux code finalized

Steve Levis has kindly provided a Linux port for Ship's Clock. This uses the same code base as the Mac OS X port. To install on Linux, get the source distribution (v. 2.0.1 or above) and follow the instructions in platforms/linux/INSTALL.linux. Well done, Steve!

Posted by Bob Gunion 2010-02-27

Complete rewrite for Unices and Mac

I've been working on a port of Ship's Clock to the Mac and other Unix-like platforms. To differentiate from the Windows version, I've upped the version to 2.0.

  • Runs as a cron daemon (launchctl on Macs), to simplify the code and remove the requirement that Ship's Clock remain resident at all times
  • Leverages OpenAL (, including freealut.
  • Under Mac OS X, a System Preferences panel is provided to easily change settings.
  • Under Mac OS X, the download is an installation package, making installation and setup simple as pie.
  • Linux binaries will be forthcoming; if you build Ship's Clock for Linux please let me know; you may save me some work :)
  • The code should also work in Windows, but I have no reliable Windows platform at the moment so cannot build or test.
Posted by Bob Gunion 2010-01-25

Bug fix for Windows, plus enhancements

Version is a minor bug fix release, but also contains some enhancements:
- failure to chime every four hours, reported by pnernst, has been fixed.
- added volume control
- added refresh of settings before each chime, so that restarting the app is not necessary after changing settings.

Posted by Bob Gunion 2010-01-25

Documentation and web page added!

I created a web page (embarrassingly simple) for this project which you can get to from the project summary page or at There's a link there to the documentation (which is only really of interest to developers), or you can see it here:

The source files have been updated with this documentation and re-released as version; other than the addition of all the documentation there are no significant changes to the code.

Posted by Bob Gunion 2005-01-10