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What JDK works with this?

A user reports:
"Okay. I did everything you said. It still didn't work.

Then, I switched my version of java from sun to openjdk:
sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-openjdk

Please let me know what version of Java you get this working with, so I can put that information into the documentation.

There is a topic in the Help forum you can use.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2011-04-20

Corrections to installation

You must install Java 6 and the libjna-java shared library through the usual repositories or other means appropriate for your GNU/Linux/Unix distribution. The SHIP application files are found in the "ship/client" folder, and the system should be started using the "ship/client/ship" script.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2011-04-20

New release for new Recognizer

SHIP v1.1.0 is available. In a separate project titled Ink2Text I am releasing a new recognizer that does not require a copy of Windows on any machine, either real or virtual. I recommend moving to that solution - benefits include easier set up and no extra memory or CPU cycles stolen to support a Windows session.

Using the new Ink2Text recognizer requires switching to this version of the SHIP, but from a user perspective there will be little or no change noticed once you've installed it.... read more

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2011-04-18

Compact qwerty keyboard definition

Based on a keyboard definition graciously donated by a user I've released a compact qwerty keyboard layout for use with the SHIP.

Never wanting to miss an opportunity to say so, I think qwerty is silly for a single stylus input system and will slow you down. But it is available if you like.

Feel free to modify this or write your own layout, and if you do, please share it with other users in the forum.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2010-12-30

Major release

The handwriting recognition has been split into it's own Sourceforge project, and I have added a shared client library providing system-level access to this resource to any program.

This project now only provides the Java client, which has been updated to use the shared library if it's installed, or defaults to the previous direct XML-RPC channel otherwise.

I have also installed a web page for this project, which provides more details and links.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2009-05-03

Next version soon...

25 Jan 2009

The Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel (SHIP) is a system for Cursive and Printed writing entry for computers using an X11 User Interface.
The first version works well for me now. My Linux system allows me to enter text by recognising my handwriting on my Fujitsu slate computer.
Other than conceptually, I always intended that this implementation would be discarded in favour of a more usable approach. I have been interrupted by personal issues due to an employer going out of business and me having to move, but I am beginning work on this system again and intend to have something of a ‘Version 1.5’ available in the next month or so.
The current system immediately recognises handwriting and converts it to text – discarding the actual strokes written. The recognised text is pasted to the desired application window. I call this ‘Immediate Recognition’. It is of limited use, but is fully functional now.
More useful is what I call ‘Latent Recognition’. This allows the original handwriting strokes to be saved as a primary data format, which could be recognised at any later time by the computer, for instance, in searching through notes. This requires the recognition be always available to the system as a service.
The ‘Version 1.5’ release I mention above will provide this using the current implementation, and will allow people to begin developing general Tablet facilities. With recognition available as a system service, any input field could be modified to allow handwriting input, and any document could save the original handwriting for later processing. There’s work to be done implementing that, but it will be broadly possible.
This ‘Version 1.5’ will still rely on the current MS InkServer approach I am providing in the released software – it works but is inconvenient.
I also have (conceptually) a ‘Version 2’ in mind, which will still use the MS libraries, but will be much more convenient and make the service much less obtrusive. I do not have the software skills to write it (I don't know MS Windows COM), but I have a plan, and there is a good likelihood of releasing it later this year. I will need help, and I will write more about that soon.
The current software has worked well for me for nearly a year, and I see that many people have downloaded the packages. I have not heard any complaint (or other feedback) in that time, so I presume that it’s working for you as well as it is working for me. I can’t fix what I don’t know is broken, so if you are having problems, please leave me a message in the project forums.
Bret... read more

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2009-01-25

SHIP beta release v.0.9.3

I have added instructions for installing the MS Ink Server, and added a missing required file. I would be very pleased to hear about successes or problems getting the system working. I also changed the format for specifying UI colors to be more convenient.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2008-06-04

SHIP beta release v.0.9.2

Update to User Manual only - no code changes.
Added section about input modes and how to switch between them.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2008-05-21

SHIP beta release v.0.9.1

Added configuration options for user to specify font used generally and for Ink Recognition results.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2008-05-19

SHIP beta release v.0.9.0

Available for download.

Posted by Bret Comstock Waldow 2008-05-19

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