German "Umalute" displayed only as "?"

  • hans

    hans - 2014-03-17


    thanks for that great projection helping me to use a "real tablet" with input pen under GNU/Linux.
    But I have one problem: I have set my system language to "German" and the windows RecognitionServer works therefore with Recognition of German language. When I input German "Umlaute" like Ä,ü,ß, etc. it seems that they are detected correctly but ship always only displays "?" and the resulting key is also only a "?". Is there any hope to solve this, as it is for me very important to be able to enter german texts correctly?

    • Bret Comstock Waldow


      You write that your RecognitionServer does recognise your German characters - tell me how you can determine that this is so? I have not worked with non-English languages, so I do not know about this.

      1. What is your Operating System and version?
      2. Where and how did you set the language to 'German'? Specific files and entries, please.
      3. How do you confirm that the RecognitionServer is returning the correct character?

      At a guess, I would say the reason the S/HIP displays the '?' character is because the font you have chosen (or the default one listed) in the configuration file does not recognise the character the RecognitionServer returns, but I will need more information to confirm this or investigate.


  • LeoLeo

    LeoLeo - 2014-08-04

    same here, just a fresh Kubuntu install with everything set to german during the installation.


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