Hi Jean,

Great news, especially the community part,  sharing the whole thing (plugins and config) is a great idea.


Le 8 juin 2012 à 13:52, nap a écrit :

Hi all,

We are near the 1.2 version, and it's time to show our skonf+packs combo with the hosted website for it. Thanks to Gerhard, it's available at http://community.shinken-monitoring.org/.

Why community and not just packs? In fact I plan to give more power to this site than just packs, but more to be a center of the community for sharing configuration best practices or some more funny things.

You can look at how to create zip packs in the wiki : http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/wiki/packs/create_and_push_packs. You will get in there information about how to create packs, how to register in the community website and get your API key from it, and how to push your zip pack so every one can try it and send you beers for it :)

It's a beta setup, and so if I mess up too much we can have to drop some data, so keep your zip files aside until it's ok :p

I'm working on the skonf daemon so it will be ok for setup behind a proxy, and that will take the packs from this new website.

Good test :)


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