Hum, i don't think it is the responsability of the shinken project to maintain compatibility of so old distributions. This is a real handbrake for the development of shinken ! packaging castrated versions of shinken is not a good solution as it does not expose the full functionalities of the project. Shinken evolve quickly and it is one of the main interest of using it ! We cannot stop evolution because of old distributions. This is just my own point of view. Never forget darwin, evolution is the only way to survive.

2012/7/17 Hartmut Goebel <>
Am 16.07.2012 15:59, schrieb Gerhard Lausser:
> So if there is a jump to 2.5-syntax, we have a problem with the
> CentOS/RedHat 5.x build of OMD. (And i bet there are many, many production
> systems with 5.x out there)

RHEL 5 will be supported until 2017. If we really want to keep RHEL 5
compatibility, we'll not be able to move forward the next 5 years.
Python 2.4 will be 13 years old then and will not have been fixed for 9
years. And even Python 3 will be 9 years old then.

I expect the first Linux distributions switching to Python 3 the next
two or three years. This is when it becomes rally hard, still
maintaining Python 2.4 compatibility.

I doubt, it's a good idea binding the development of an application to
the release policy of an distribution. Esp. since it should be easy to
prepare Python 2.7 and the few modules required by Shinken even for and
old Linux release.

> No Shinken in OMD for CentOS/RedHat 5.x which is a very bad idea (it's
> already a castrated package because it includes no Shinken UI for these
> versions)

Yet another reason why OMD should include a recent Python version :-)

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