Hi there ..... Wtf is Going on there ? Do not start flaming for nothing please, Seb you are doing a really great job, but do not forget who is the leader there ;-) i know jean is not really present this time. This is not a reason to make such important decision alone. Jean you are the boss but please do not react this way publicly, write an email, read it twice and Everything will be fine. I know sometime we are not in a good mood, not a reason to shout everywhere ok ? From my point of view both of you should stop this and talk .... But privately.

Le 25 janv. 2014 17:15, "Sébastien Coavoux" <s.coavoux@free.fr> a écrit :
Well, at least we can all thanks Jean for this perfect example of "How to manage a community nagiosly***" :)

Now I'll focus on what Nap mean and not the way it was said (You deserved at least a troll for your email dude)

2014-01-25 Guillaume Subiron <maethor@subiron.org>
Le 14/01/25 15:05, David DURIEUX claviotta :
> Le Sat, 25 Jan 2014 14:38:59 +0100
> nap <naparuba@gmail.com> a écrit:
> >??? Sorry? You tag a rc? You kidding me? did I allow this? there are
> >still fix I need to do before a rc! You can at least ask by chat!
> >
1 : RC, alpha, beta, whatever. The thing was more about tagging something to make the community try it. There are still github ticket for 1.4. Everytime it's a pain to know it still a bug or not.
I want to spend time to Shinken wisely because I don't have much.
> >I planned to work this week on the last part, especially the install
> >part (that is totally broken!) and the shinken command that is still
> >full of debug. Did you think it's a good thing to put a RC with all of
> >this???
You planned to work on it? That's a good news :) You won't mind if I gently remind you that I was not aware of it? We talked about it before, we really need a roadmap or at least something to put or ideas. I currently used github for that but it may not be the good solution. At least, everything is in the same place, but this creates ticket for "nothing"

> >
> >I'll revert this RC. I'm not agree with the quality level of this RC.
  Goto 1
> Not sure speak like this to someboby works lot of his time on a
> community project is a good thing.

Moreover, this version works just fine, and install part works too.
The shinken command is full of debug, yes, but this will not kill

After two years using Shinken, I was seeing the work of Seb as a
revival of the shinken community and a new hope of the projet. I agree
this should be a "beta" instead of a "RC", and this premature release
might annoy you. But a "RC" is not a packaged release either!
After months waiting for a new version of shinken, we should all see
it as a step forward.
It may be flawed, but it is a step towards something better.

Guillaume Subiron
  Mail - maethor@subiron.org
   GPG - 5BC2 EADB
Jabber - maethor@im.subiron.org
   IRC - maethor@(freenode|geeknode)

Now I can get back to the way you show your disagreement.

You obvisouly broke the rule number 1 when you receive an email that does not make you happy : Rule #1 : Do not answer, under any circumstances, to an email if you are not in a good mood.
Maybe you wanted to answer quickly to explain the revert but this still brakes #1. I know you know that rule, this is the common way to deal with troll isn't it?

Regarding the chat part : I wanted to push it later actually but I had time yesterday at my job. The +6h jet lag does not help to catch you on chat (look the date of the commit, I guess you were sleeping). Moreover, as you are usually in invisible mode to gtalk it makes me harder to know if you are here or not (we could argue on that point but we are not children)

To conclude this, I may suggest you to take a nap (JOKE INSIDE) and relax a little bit :) I'm trying to do a part of the work you were doing on Shinken before work on the Entreprise. Keep and heartbeat upstream is really important to show users that we are still active.

Making Shinken better is a matter of time and we don't have much. Let's not waste it with pointless quarells :)

*** Nagios is a trademark blablabla (insert bullshit here)

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