Hello Olivier,

I did not know that, great info to know :)
What is the name of this module ? I cannot find it in the docs...

Unfortunately my CMBD is not Mysql but is a home made tool powered by Postgres. Information should not be directly extracted from database but from a REST web interface that add some logic on the raw data.
Same situation may occur when interconnecting closed application that rarely expose their database directly.
It's very specific, and I think I'm not the only one who think of connecting monitoring with external tools.

That's why I was so enthusiast with different coding language and much more by programmatic salt in the config that will allow such interconnection much more easily.


2013/2/25 Olivier Hanesse <olivier.hanesse@gmail.com>
Hello Florent, 

A mysql module exists, that can query a database :)  It is very simple.
You just have to forge your sql request to suit your CMDB.