From my point of view, the better way to secure connection between both sites will be to set up a VPN (like IPSEC), or suscribe an LS from your operator.

This should be much better/safer than ..."i don't know you do this from now?? :)" , and will improve your netwok arch.

That way everything is transmitted throught a private network, no need to implement SSL.

I use a like arch over 16 sites with various bandwith, SDSL,ASDL,100MB/fc...


2013/5/16 Adrien Grellier <adrien.grellier@ec-nantes.fr>
Le jeudi 16 mai 2013 10:19:54, nap a écrit :
> If you are using Pyro3 you can enable native SSL, but it won't work for
> pyro4 (we are looking for fix this in the next release).


> For 10 distant servers, won't be a problem at all. I think you won't even
> notice it on the brandwith.

OK, so we will definitely make some test to use shinken for this remote site.

Thank you for the answers, and for your work on shinken.

> > It's not easy to manage this on a mailing list, because I receive mails
> from sourcefoge because someone is sending without subscribe. Please
> register, and unregister as soon as your problem is solved if you want.

OK, next time I will subscribe on the right list.



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