Thanks for all your works.

Good luck for your new life.

2013/7/23 nap <naparuba@gmail.com>
Hi all,

As some of you already know today is my last day as a sysadmin. I loved this job because it make me used and build my own monitoring tool, and push its limit far beyond I though when I start the Shinken POC :p

But after some years of full time sysadmin and part-time time Shinken, it was too much hard to manage, and so it's a good time to switch and keep only my real passion : coding!

That's why, thanks to a French region subvention that will pay me for some months, I am happy to announce a new born (not a British Royal Baby sorry) : Shinken Solutions. I'm officially starting tomorrow after bringing a desktop, a chair and, of course, a coffee machine!

Shinken Solutions will focus on Shinken dev by proposing a Long Term Support version based on the community version. This version will be under subscription access with support and maintenance (like RedHat). It will also provide training, advanced consultancy and custom devs. I don't plan to do integration job, because I am a coder, not an integrator :p

This version will include the core from my github repo, and some of the community modules (expect classic modules like WebUI, LiveStatus or ip-tag ones), but also new ones, mainly about WebUI custom views or CMDB import modules.

Now the darker side of this : some of theses modules will be automatically pushed under shinken.io, but some won't. All modules that will be about proprietary tools (thing about Oracle database custom views or VMWare import module) won't be.
When I look back at the numerous Shinken installations on big French IT from "open source integrators", without them helping the project with a single line of code nor even give a simple reference, that's the fairest way I found for helping the project :)
As I can see, it's also like this Cfengine or Puppet projects are doing so why not.

One important side note for this : I will never block a Shinken patch, pack or modules that will touch such proprietary tools :D It's just that I won't publish mines. I will never block the core as Nagios did for years, I want this project to get higher, not to lost all for what we work during theses last years :)

I really hope this will work and will allow me to got more time for the project, and even hire devs and designer for working on the Shinken project at full time! I can even dream about someone that will be enhancing the documentation :p

So you can expect me to be a bit more on the forums and in the github repos, I'm a Shinken full-timer now :D

And if you got a question about all of this, just drop me a mail :D

Jean, was a sysadmin, now a coder ^-^

Ps: don't run to look at the shinken-solutions website, I didn't publish it :)

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