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On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 8:22 AM, David GUENAULT <david.guenault@gmail.com> wrote:
First : Is it possible to grant user access to only certain realms? For exemple, I'd like to affect user1 to "e1" realm, in which he can only see items related to his realm, not those of "e2" when he logs into the WebUI. I think it's not, as of today, but I'd like to be sure ;-)

Yes if you put a broker in each "isolated" realm. The webui and livestatus are borker module so this is the best way (imho)
The webui got a "not so strong" ACL mode. By default the user will see the object where he is as "contacts". But if he knows about another node, he can still goes to the full URI of it, and see information, the page is not blocked from now.

Of course if you put one webui by sub-realm, there is no more problem, as the WebUI just not have the other realm information :)

Secondly, I created 2 subrealms under the main realm "All" (let's say "e1" ans "e2"). Even though the wiki specifies "realm is: * at least a scheduler *", I had expected that my only scheduler, being attached to the "All" realm could be used for both subrealms as there are members, but it doesn't seem possible. I get a config error on arbiter launch "The realm e1 have hosts but no scheduler!". 
Did I miss something, or is it necessary to absolutly have one scheduler for each sub realm ? I know it might seem silly if you think of the example of realms in a global network like in the wiki, but this could avoid having using different schedulers in a mutualised infrastructure for multiple clients (in a single local network).

here is an example from wiki pages that should help you : http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/wiki/setup_distributed_shinken_with_realm?s[]=realm

if it does not help you please send your shinken-specific.cfg with obfuscated names and ip so we can help you point where the config is wrong.

For the scheduler, the realms were done for "datacenter" load distribution first, not for UI separation views or things like that. You won't be able to share a same scheduler between realms. One exeption : one can be a spare, but when it will become active, it will refuse new configuration from another realm.

That's what I thought, seeing the errors I got and reading the wiki page. Thanks for the confirmation. So I have another question, even though I already tried too ;-) is it possible to run 2 scheduler on the same host (with 2 different config files and 2 distinct ports) ?

Because if you can't, this means I need to build one server for each sub scheduler. With virtual machine that is not really problematic in terms of infrastructure but not really conveniant if you have many clients...

One way, if you want to have :
* each realm got only their views on their WebUI
* you still got the full view on one WebUI

is to put WebUI on each sub-schedulers, and got one global broker with a WebUI too until the multi-broker levels feature is done (will not be for the next release).

Thank you both, I'm going to use the multiple WebUI brokers "trick", it will be more than enough for a start. I don't know what you mean by "multi-broker levels feature" though




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