I'd like to discover a feature that I always know existed for a while (the very begining if I'm not mistaken ;-) ) but never had the opportunity to put to use : the realms.

I'm working for a french company which is composed of multiple sub entities that are more or less autonomous. The infrastructure/softwares I provide to those semi autonomous entities do not want to share data with the other ones. I'd like to propose a monitoring solution for both the technical and decision teams for these entities. Ideally It would be acheived by a centralised Shinken and subrealms, but there seem to be limitations...

First : Is it possible to grant user access to only certain realms? For exemple, I'd like to affect user1 to "e1" realm, in which he can only see items related to his realm, not those of "e2" when he logs into the WebUI. I think it's not, as of today, but I'd like to be sure ;-)

Secondly, I created 2 subrealms under the main realm "All" (let's say "e1" ans "e2"). Even though the wiki specifies "realm is: * at least a scheduler *", I had expected that my only scheduler, being attached to the "All" realm could be used for both subrealms as there are members, but it doesn't seem possible. I get a config error on arbiter launch "The realm e1 have hosts but no scheduler!".
Did I miss something, or is it necessary to absolutly have one scheduler for each sub realm ? I know it might seem silly if you think of the example of realms in a global network like in the wiki, but this could avoid having using different schedulers in a mutualised infrastructure for multiple clients (in a single local network).