Hi there!

Is a news ready for the Website ? We can start to write it it not to be ready to publish this week end :)

Btw do you have any idea of things on the 1.6 Roadmap? We have a lot of tickets on github, maybe we can do a summary of Todo "things" on the news also.

For my own I'll try to work a lot on Jenkins / Hudson to have a clean test bench and nice report (code coverage etc). Shinken is a driven test software, so many test are the best it is :)


2013/5/24 nap <naparuba@gmail.com>
Hi all,

Seems that the bug hunters came back with nothing to show (thanks a lot to them for searching :) ), so it's time for the 1.4 release. I'll write the missing doc and tag/publish tomorow.

So if a bug hunter just remeber about somethign important, he still got 12h to send a mail :D

Thanks to everyone that make this 1.4 release possible, with bug reports, new code or forum help. It is time to show what we create now :)


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