Hi everyone!

As we know, the install script is the entry point to most Shinken user. This simple statement involves the install script is a "critical" part of Shinken.
Some of you may have seen the "fail" today on the install script : a commit (I don't know who and basically we don't care) broke the shell syntax. This must not happen again :).

Some days ago we were arguing about a branching method. I'm ok to not create a branch for every single feature. BUT (yes a big one), as the script is critical it can be good to create one for it. It's a good way to prevent someone from pulling a bad install script. 

Another solution to prevent this, is to add a new feature in the install script to only pull from stable release. It's pretty easy to define a list of stable versions and checkout a specific tag (git can do it easily with git checkout <tag>). With a default behavior (install -i) to checkout the last stable version, we can ensure a stable Shinken code and installer.

Last thing, I manually merge the branch I've created for the install script (enhancement) and i would like you to try it. I want to merge it as soon as possible because the install script got a lot of commits lately.

Feel free to give your point of view ;)


Sébastien COAVOUX,

Shinken Development Team Member