2012/9/30 Francois Mikus <fmikus@acktomic.com>
well, well.

I am not shy to say it was my fault. I did not test the install script
changes from the pull request, as I ran the code directly from a git
clone + merge...

I knew there was a change to the installer but as I could not test it
anyway (no Fedora or RPM based VM available), I promptly forgot about
it. Doh.
It happened to me as well, that's why i didn't car about the "guilty" ;) 

We do have to be very careful not to break trunk, it is the
responsibility of each commiter to test their stuff before commiting,
but expecting trunk to be 100% bug free, that is wishful thinking if I
ever say it. Before doing a *release* we have to make sure to test
everything. But expecting each commit to be tested by the commiter and a
slew of other devs is unrealistic as well.
With the current model, we have to do the best we can to test our
commits and get confirmations from other devs on our pulls/branches and
test a lot before release.

I am not excusing my blunder and I agree with you, the install script is
important, so is the core, so is the reactionner, so is the Livestatus
module, etc.

Of course, the simple difference is that we will get a bug report from users quicker than the core. ( Well maybe it's an advantage :) )
Test are not covering the install script so it's "easier" to add bug. 

If you propose two branches: stable installer and common stable/dev
trunk. That is one way of seeing it. I think it is better than just
trunk, but pushing it further.. We get stable and dev/trunk. Hmmm, that
sounds like the whole prior debate. ;-)

Doh! I think the "debate" is re open, it was not my expectation :). Basically, I don't mind about branching. I'm just looking for a way to install Shinken so easilly from trunk. 

We all want the project to succeed and get some pleasure out of it. I
hope I did not come across negatively, I think what you are doing is good.
No problem, you did a lot of work lately and as I said before, I could have done the same mistake ( I and actually already have done once ;) )

Have a good weekend.


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Happy (rainy) sunday !

Sébastien COAVOUX,