Another Idea ; What about affind the values of the reward in the description? Something else, is dokuwiki easy to dump stats? I'll have a look but it can be fun to have rewards linked to it.

Have a nice week end ;)

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2013/7/26 nap <>

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 4:42 PM, Sébastien Coavoux <> wrote:

Nice! I can see the first achievement unlocked. There is  ladder thing to say : "I'm DA BEST"  too bad :)
Is the email link done manually? How is the link done for the Wiki? Based on the email adress or nickname?


All the is available :)

There is a script that will compute stats from github (, and another for the wiki (just look if you are in the dokuwiki user.cfg file) at Then there is a last script for computing packages stats (number of packages and things like this) at

Then one last script is looking at all stats, and give achievements

The code is not factorized, but at least it works :)


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