Hi all,

First of all, Happy new year :)

Last year was a great one for the Shinken project with some great features like escalations based on time, business rules or business impacts and of course the new WebUI. But code is just a small part of a project, and I would like to thanks a lot every one that send us bug reports, take some time for coding or help for fixing my horrible English in the web site and the wiki ;)

What's coming for 2012 so? We will got two main ways :
* simplification for beginners, very easy setup, ready to use templates, tutorial oriented doc and an easy configuration interface
* more correlation features for the experts (triggers like)

The first point is in progress, we are already working on the new setup script thanks to David Guenault, and we already got a lot of templates and tutorials for them. More are coming, and should be enough for most users I think.

The next step is the configuration UI. It will be in the same spirit as the current WebUI, simple and focus on important things. Its main focus will be like the templates we created : hosts. In others configuration UI, services got a too large importance. Hosts should be the most important things, with just "tags" and easily accessible macros on them.

The correlation one should be like the triggers we talk some days ago. We got time to talk about them later I think, but they will allow to compute some Key Point Indicators easily.

The last point for 2012 is the start of Shinken Enterprise. But don't worry, there will be no Shinken XI or other open core things ;)
I start this enterprise to answers to some customers that are asking for professional supports and on-demand development. I start this aside my current day to day admin job. I hope it will allow me to reduce my admin job and take more time for Shinken development and documentation. This won't hurt my community presence of course, I'll still be available by mail or in the forum. It can even boost my presence by giving me more free time :)

Some big setups are currently in qualification phase. I hope the professional support will help them to choose Shinken, and so allow the project to be a serious player like in the open source monitoring world.

We made 2011 a great year, if we still take as much fun as we did last year, 2012 will be an even better one :)

Jean Gabs