On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 9:02 AM, Vincent Leloup <vincent.leloup@ker-is.net> wrote:
Hello Irmen,

As stated in the patch, it is based on revision 507 of Pyro 3. It was
the head some days ago.


I read that some features are still missing in Pyro 4 ; I can check if
there are used by shinken and propose a patch against shinken to support
Pyro 4 (If it is possible, I don't know how dynamic loading of libraries
works in python, but it should be possible.)

What is the better solution for you ?
When do you think that Pyro 4 will be stable enough to be used in
production environment ?


In fact Shinken already support Pyro4. But there is two little things that can be problems versus V3 :
* when we are closing the daemons, the ports are not released as in Pyro3, so the wait timeout before reusing them are not set to 0 (last tested version is pyro 4.3), and so we must wait 30s before restarting daemons. I try to close all connexions in a clean way in the Shinken code, but maybe I missed something here.
* there is no SSL support (or I miss it again), and it's a problem for a monitoring tool (sniffers can got the full servers/IP list, and even some passwords from monitoring checks commands).

If the two problems are fixed (in fact, the most important is the SSL support) in a recent v4 version, we can advice to use v4 by default for Shinken users (not RedHat ones that are in a python2.4 versions, but we can't really help RH guys :) ).

By the way, it make me think that Pyro is in the shinken's THANKS file, but not in a good place on our website, I'll change this. Pyro is really a great lib, and it should be known that without it, there should be no Shinken at all :)