We did it! Thanks to Sébastien, Andreas and Imrane, we finish the packs&modules layout in https://github.com/organizations/shinken-monitoring/ !

We extract and format (directory layout and package.json file) 99 of them. It was quicker than I was expected, so Thanks a lot :)

Here are the race results :
* Andreas : 2 packages
* Sébastien : 22 packages
* and our winner : Imrane with 48 packages!!

I still need some code in the shinken.io website for the reward, but I'll announce it as soon as it is available :)

So this was a speed race, and now we got a marathon in front of us: get back the modules/packs documentation from the wiki to the packages Readme files. I'll do the first one because it will be strongly liked with the shinken.io website (the readme will be print on the package page), and when we got a good first version, we will launch a new race :)

But before this I'll work on exporting modules tests on the modules repos so we can only only the core on the main repository :)

If you don't know where to help during this time, you can still test the master branch with an HTTPS installation and try to find bugs before the 2.0 release :D

You can also look at the packs and modules repository, we should have missed some authors and contributors on the packs&modules. Let us know so we can fix it before publishing all in the shinken.io website :)