Hi all,

We got a strange bug revealed in the forum : sometimes after a restart/new configuration load, there was a bunch of new notifications raised, and that was fixed only when the host/service change state. Such bug with no clear error message or clear way to reproduce was indeed a pain in the a*s to track. But I think this patch should do the trick : https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/commit/ce9919cb508426b13bed6b24a907b81a6ef207a3

So if you got such behavior sometimes after a new configuration push, you should apply this. For all others, let me know if you don't see any regression with it. If it's ok, I'll tag a new minor release for this so everyone can use it.

There is also in this patch a "same logic" bug that impact Downtimes for hosts. If you saw strange things like not honored downtimes or things like that after a reboot, that's also a fix to try! :)

Good git pull all, and please let me know if it's ok for you,