As we moved all modules and packs to their own repositories, I'm back at the shinken CLI code. You can have a look there https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/blob/21b9747690907535b5e5a98fb0468ffd0c70bd36/bin/shinken

Currently you can do some tasks with it:
* shinken --list : will list all available commands
* shinken search pack linux : will look at shinken.io website about a pack with linux in its keywords
* shinken install linux-snmp : will grab and install this package
* shinken publish : will tar and post a package repository into shinken.io (don't do this currently, shinken.io need a bit more work on this part and I'll need to clena it before production).

As you can see in the code, there is no install, search or publish things. It's because the shinken cli command is modular. Modules can extends the CLI. So we can imagine something like this :

* shinken aws list : will list your hosts from the AWS module.

If you are launching the shinken command without arguments, it will loop and eval your commands. There is also a first version of auto-completion (currently only commands are completed, not arguments).

This will be a major thing for the 2.0 version, so if you got ideas about this command, it's time to propose :)