On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Dessai Imrane <dessai.imrane@gmail.com> wrote:

1.6 sounds good as its nickname is "flexibility". 

What do you mean by using HTTP ?
Are you planing to use Rest API (or any other web service technology) ?
Yes, it's quite easy in Python. 
Does that mean external programm can talk to deamon directly through the API ?
Yes. For performances need, some calls will need pickle objects (and so python) like configuration send or checks exchange between scheduler<-poller. but classic calls (like "hey, are you alive?") will be possible with a simple curl call :)
What about livestatus ?
It's not the same thing. LiveStatus is for pure status presentation, with special queries. Here we are talking about internal exchanges between daemons (or publish a module interface also for example, like WS_arbiter that will be able to be "internal" module now).

But I think we should also give LiveStatus an HTTP socket too (with just a host?(name=blabla)&(setatus=1) interface), but can be for another version unless someone is interested by this.

By the way, HTTP will make Shiken more flexible to many architecture especially when leaving your own local network.
Yes, that's one of the key thing of this. Especially with proxy setups :)