On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Jörg Schulz <jorg.schulz@lnu.se> wrote:
I have more questions about distributed monitoring with shinken and merlin
I use site A and site B , on both site I have my own nagios/shinken/merlin installation
Site A checks the own lan and Site B checks the own lan .
Sure I can see the hosts on Site A from Site a and vice versa, but I would like to see even each other hosts (Site B/A)in the ninja gui. I have difficulty how to config the sites to accomplish my wish :)

So if I understand you, there are 2 distinct Shinken installations? with 2 master arbiters and nothing in common? Same for Ninja, it means you got 2 Ninja UI too?

If so, it will not be easy to got "2 data places" with the current merlin broker module (one scheduler of the site A will clean a B scheduler info) if we add a B-database module in A and vice versa. So if it's really 2 distinct sites, with only the brokers that need to write in their site and in the other, it will need a new parameter in the merlin module to allow this. It should not be so long to add.