On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Jean-François BUTKIEWICZ <jean-francois.butkiewicz@veosoft.net> wrote:

Hi, all.


I am trying to use shinken on windows, but i have some problems...


One of them is the folowing:


In the daemon.py, line 373, python try to import resource.

I thougth that the resource module only worked on Unix ?

Te result is that the log show an error : ImportError: no module named resource.


Is that error realy important ? and do have i (or maybe a python expert) to try to fix it ?


I'm back from holidays :)

I don't really understand why this code is called, under windows, this function should not be called, like the whole "daemonize" thing. How are you launching the daemon exactly?