On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 7:36 PM, David GUENAULT <david.guenault@gmail.com> wrote:

I do not want tout talk about this anymore. Ah least publicly. You have to deal with jean out of the ml


I got nothing to talk about it publicly :)
It's true that I did not follow the "do not answer when you are upset", sorry about that. But when someone else is releasing a tag/rc without asking the project leader, that's something wrong out there.

For the installation: the install script don't do what we want. It do not install like it should now and it even give a wrng idea of what the 2.0 will be with the addon installation. This part need a huge rework, so not ok for a rc.

One other problem is that a rc will means for huge tests, especially this one. But don't expect help if people will have to change lot of thing between a RC1 and a RC2. So sorry, but a RC really means something :)

For the roadmap it's true that it's not easy to follow, mainly all is in github but it's not so easy to manage. In the first years we used the "idea" website, but in the end the votes push quite "not o useful things" when really useful ones where not vote because on the last pages.

For my usage github is good enough, and unplanned features came from pull-requests. But if you find a good way to have a roadmap without asking too much time to everyone, I'm ok :)