On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 9:49 AM, Simon SCHERRER <simon.scherrer@insa-strasbourg.fr> wrote:

I did a fresh install of Shinken 0.8.1/Thruk 1.1.1 on an Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS based on the nicolargo's script (great job, by the way). For now, I just added some services on localhost (the server itself). Everything works fine until the server reboot (daily task). Then the daemons are just unable to restart with this kind of error in the "/tmp/bad_start_for_" log files :

Maybe, I just miss something in the main configuration of Shinken (the default configuration has been kept since the setup).

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Is the /var/run/shinken directory really deleted? Can you try to mkdir it, with shinken ownership, and restart Shinken. If it wok (and it should :) ) can you restart it and see if this directory still exists?