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That's what I thought, seeing the errors I got and reading the wiki page. Thanks for the confirmation. So I have another question, even though I already tried too ;-) is it possible to run 2 scheduler on the same host (with 2 different config files and 2 distinct ports) ?

Because if you can't, this means I need to build one server for each sub scheduler. With virtual machine that is not really problematic in terms of infrastructure but not really conveniant if you have many clients...

Yes of course. Just change the port, the pid file and the log file, and it's ok. It's just that the init.d script do not manage multi-schedulers (or pollers) setup on the same server from now (patch accepted :) ).

Thank you both, I'm going to use the multiple WebUI brokers "trick", it will be more than enough for a start. I don't know what you mean by "multi-broker levels feature" though

Currently, a scheduler can only give data to one broker (but the idea that a realm can have only one broker is wrong, you can have more than one broker, but only as many as schedulers in fact). The multi-broker is to understand from the scheduler point of view : allowing several brokers to take data from one scheduler, so you can have a broker in your sub-realm AND a broker in your top realm with both WebUI (and not webui on schedulers, because if you need more than one scheduler by sub-realm, you loose).

It's done on paper, I "just" need time to code it :)