On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 10:48 PM, Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel@crazy-compilers.com> wrote:
Am 26.07.2012 17:04, schrieb Timo Veith:
> is there a code documentation or any plans on doing so?

Prior to using a tool like sphinx, we need to add usual doc-strings.
Currently often comments are put in front of the function/method/class,
but decent doc-strings are missing. See issue #99.

Unfortunately Shinken is lacking here.

And I don't plan to add them unless someone explain me why it's a good idea to put a explanation about a function between the prototype and the code. We need the explanation before the prototype, and we need to see the prototype when we are writing code. So the good place for "doc-strings" are before the function, not in the middle of nowhere. I understand that it's easier to manage as the "first string after the prototype" from a compiler point of view. But we don't write a compiler, we write a tool that is using it, and want to be as clear as possible for ourself :)