On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Riccardo Murri <riccardo.murri@gmail.com> wrote:
Maybe a minor thing: on Ubuntu 12.04, the installation script adds the
10gen repositories (for MongoDB) but then installs the `mongodb`
package from the Ubuntu repos.  The name of the MongoDB package coming
from 10gen is `mongodb-10gen`.


No so minor in fact; because it will cause problems between the python mongo lib and the server. I'll try to fix it before 1.4 so :)

We got another fix in a pull request : https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/pull/859 it fix perfdata with spaces in names into the Graphite modules. I can't test it this week-end, only monday, but if someone got a graphite server and can test it, we can merge it before monday :)

If not, the 1.4will have 2 days delay so :)