De: "Gerhard Lausser" <>
Envoyé: Dimanche 18 Septembre 2011 19:54:51
Objet: [Shinken-devel] Changes in the sqlite log database handling


i just committed some updates for the livestatus module.
(Background: the livestatus module saves logging data in a sqlite database
file instead of flat text files. The problem was that the database file
would grow and grow especially if your Shinken installation produces lots of
log messages. Until now you had only the option to remove older data and
shrink the database file with a "delete from logs where time < ...;



That's great :)

If people don't use the splitter script, the LS module will block, but not the whole broker, others modules like logs or the new WebUI will still works ;)

By the way, if others got some scripts or tools that can go in the contrib directory, it's fully open :)
We already got this script and an installation helper one from David :)