After more than 850 commits since the 1.2 versions, here is the 1.4 one! The version was scheduled for Saturday, but after some last minutes fix, here it comes :)

If you want to have a close looks at changes, look at the Changelog https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/blob/master/Changelog

Aside the AWS/EC2 import module, we can see lot of fixes in the WebUI side thanks to Frescha, and fixes and enhancements to the defaults packs thanks to Olivier.H and Dessailmrane. Thanks a lot guys :)

About more core features, we can see a huge enhancements in the Broker architecture, with the multi-levels brokers. The other big feature is the macro_modulations. It's a good way to modulate alerts level based on the timeperiod. Thanks to all that help this to become possible, with ideas and feedbacks! :)

So not it's time to look at the next version. This one won't be a "killer feature" one I think. This will came back to what make Shinken so powerful : flexibility. If you follow the latest threads, you know where the project is heading. If you don't, just wait a bit, this new version should be available quicker than the 1.4 was :D

Good update to all :D


Ps: if you are near Paris the 29May, you can meet a part of the team at Solution Linux. There are lot of coffee there, and we will be happy to get one with you :)