On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Hermann Lauer <Hermann.Lauer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> wrote:
Hello all,

just an idea to put in there: Is it feasible to have different config
"languages" like the salt config management tool has ? Those can use at
least yaml, direct python code, jinja2 and xml.
One is the (settable) default for the config files, but this can be changed
with a shebang syntax in every individual file.

Of course shinken would have additionally the nagios compatible "language",
in the beginning as the default "language".

An important point would be that the direct python code would allow to
introduce self defined functions, objects and more, so not every new
dynamic feature has to be introduced in the nagios "language", as you
can use python code.

This would also be a path to merge the daemons config into the main
config in the long run.

Shurely no short time idea...
Thanks very much for all the work,


Sounds possible indeed (in the Shinken internal, the objects are just a key=>value dictionary with strings, so we don't really care about the input format.). But maybe we should try to find some use cases where this can be used, and see if the effort will really solve a real user problem, or if the current configuration features are enough.

It's true that the nagios configuration style was a problem, but after some quick features for simplify the configuration, now it's quite good, even for linking lot of objects together (like escalations and hosts for example). So let's find something that will change admin habits with this new capabilities, and then we can look if we should add a configuration overlay (like direct python or jinja, I'm really not a fan of XML and YAML :p ).