Hi again,

so now 1.4 is quite ok, we can continue to talk about the 1.6. We already talk about the pack/modules thing. There are another things I want us to talk about : python2.4/2.5 and Pyro.

For the first one, such python versions are just deprecated since long, and it's even possible to have the 2.6 version on debian and RedHat5. So I think we should change our compatibility level from 2.4 to 2.6.

For Pyro we got a problem about such versions compatibility, and with SSL. The compatibility force to have the same versions every where. If it's quite easy on same linux distro, its quite harder when it's time to got some windows or android inside the arch.
But the real problem is SSL. We exchange quite critical information between daemons. SSL is not an option, users need it.

But Pyro4 do not support it by default. It force user to have encrypted VPN or ssh tunnels. But if we look closer, we don't really use the pyro features that are quite larger that we need.

That's why I'll open a branch for moving pyro to a more classic HTTP communication. I don't really fear for performances, because 99% of the communication time is spent on serialize/deserialize the objects, and such thing won't change if we move the layer level protocol.

Such change can also allow us to proxify distant satellites behind a nginx or squid for example. this will also make SSL quite easy (ok, it's still SSL with certificates, so "not so hard").

If you see some things that will block theses changes (will be a problem with OMD?), let me know before I code them :)

Thanks :)