Hi all,

If you follow the project since the old time, you know that the Shinken mascot is a long history. First we start with a black samurai, that is still available on the wiki header. Then we got a more color full samurai, available on the website project page, but it's not as cool as it can be for such a project.

Then we got the "robot" on the first page, but I think few people know that it's not our mascot for a simple reason : I just got a license for showing it on a website, without the right to take this robot as a mascot. That's why even if it's looking really really good, we can't keep him on the first page, or at least we should have a strong mascot aside.

As I just sucks in design (who said "yes we saw this with the webui"....), I need your help on it. If you got an idea or even a proposal about a cool mascot for the project, just post it :) It can be something else than a samurai of course, you can think about an animal or even a "classic" abstract logo.

So now it's up to you, if you don't know how to code and still want to help the project, it's your time to show your design skills :)