Hi Guys

I am a bit new in monitoring systems and have been trying out Shinken.

It is a very good system and I am happy to have discovered a tool that works well.

I have a few challenges though...

After installing in Ubuntu using the Nicorlargo scripts provided on the shinken site, all goes well but i struggle in installing the Ninja front-end. Would love to see the Map as well :)

The other issue is, I plan to monitor routers and printers running snmp. In the wikis, I have seen files like printer.cfg being referenced but they are not in my system.

I would appreciate a step-by-step guide on achieving the above.

Thanks in advance.

On 25 July 2011 10:41, CAVAGNINI Damien <damien.cavagnini@thalesgroup.com> wrote:



thanks for the replies.

Denis, you were right, i did not install the MySQLdb module.
Sorry, i guess i did not read the manual completely, as it is written…
Jean, i tried the NPCD module instead of service-perfdata and host-perfdata, it works fine.

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