2011/8/29 nap <naparuba@gmail.com>

I was quite mute this time on news. So let look at where we are, and where we are going :)

The last version (0.6, june), was an "architecture done" version, so we get all we wanted in it. Now we can look ahead. There will be news things in the new version, the 0.8 that should be release during September (more the end of September than the beginning :) ).

There will be some cool stuff in it of course :
* business impact (aka criticity) modulations (based on timeperiods)
* the first version of a CLI tool for administration
* a "generic mysql" configuration module
* business rules are now managing degraded states and advanced rules

But THE new thing is the WebUI, and the feature that us the most of time.

We already talk about "why" a WebUI, and I think what we are creating respect what we where thinking about. It's far from finish, but we got some good things :
* it's a broker module, so no apache, no database back-end, and very very easy to setup/enable
* host/service detail view is OK (/host/localhost or /service/applications/ERP for example with the sample configuration)
* a lot of effects that make the user focus on root problem/impacts and business impact
* dependency map is OK (like the statusmap of other tools, but not only the network relations, but also services and dependencies)
* dependency tree (like business addon, but also other dependencies like parents are managed,and in the detail page.
* first version of the impacts page. I'm currently on it.

We miss the login phase (/login is a mockup, but with no code behind) and we do not have from now a "show all problems" page, but the mockup is ready (thanks Andreas :) ).

You can test it by activate the WebUI module for your broker and connect to the locahttp://localhost:8080 (the port will change on the final version, 8080 is not a good thing :) ).
Let us know what you are thinking about it, and why not, start to code your own page :)


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Hi Jean and Thanks,

Where can we get this version (0.8) in order to test the Web UI please ?