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A nagios looser have some question, if it's OK:)

A set up a test system, looks good. It's based on OMD 0.47 (daily snapshot).

If I take down a test host, thruk shows it in state DOWN.

1. Although according to shinken.log state is still SOFT DOWN already
it's RED on the web interface. Does not wait for state HARD. Why?
AFAIK it does not depend on configuration, am I right?
I do not understand. It's down, so it's normal it's red isn't it? Is Nagios backend behavior different?

2. It does not make a notification. Then after a while it does, actually
2 of it at one time. It does not matter if I change the state of the host.
Is it flapoing or something like it?

4. Notification ways are not handled by shinken
The configuration read by shinken as in logs:

But it's not seeable in the object cache.
Yes, hte object cache is done for the old nagios CGI, so we can't add new objects in it.

Also it says:
[1304269057] Checking notificationways...
[1304269057]    Checked 3 notificationways

I defined only one of it:

I don't know if this is a shinken or an omd problem. My guess is
shinken. Please let me know, if you need more information.
I suppose you got 2 contacts isn't it?
In fact, when you define a contact with a "old school definition" (commands+period in the contact definition) shinken autogenerate a notification-way with theses values, and link it to your contact. But I do not unsderstand why you get notification by group of 2, is the shinken.log say it launch it twice or not?

Thank you for your attention,
You're welcome :)