On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 1:19 PM, Ronny Lindner <ronny.lindner@unister.de> wrote:

we tried the current git version (master) and I can confirm that Nr 5
is fixed - but now the hosts of only 1-2 realms are shown in Thruk.
Approximately once a minute there is no backend available and then
some other realms are shown.

The brokerd.log shows these messages:
2011-05-26 13:08:09,190 [1306408089] [broker-all] Error : the external
module Livestatus goes down unexpectly!

2011-05-26 13:08:09,190 [1306408089] [broker-all] Setting the module
Livestatus to restart

2011-05-26 13:08:09,205 [1306408089] [broker-all] I'm stopping process

2011-05-26 13:08:09,206 [1306408089] [broker-all] Starting external
process for instance Livestatus

2011-05-26 13:08:09,212 [1306408089] [broker-all] Livestatus is now
started ; pid=12889

2011-05-26 13:08:09,688 [1306408089] [broker-all] A module is asking me
to get all initial data from the scheduler 2
It seems that the LiveSTatus broker crash. Can you start the broker in debug module to get the backtrace? Thanks.


Bye, Ronny