Hi dear Shinken developers or testers or bugs hunters or docs writers  (ouf, no manager still :p)

2011/5/5 nap <naparuba@gmail.com>

We tagged few days ago the 0.6 version :)

You can read in the news (http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/news/fearless-furu-aka-0-6-is-out/) the whole description of what we done theses last months :)

We did a great job in this version, with quite a lof of bug fixes, and I want to thanks all people that give us bug reports, because it's a not so fun job, but very very important for this project :)

The main feature of this version is the discovery module, but other features are quite important too.

I think we reach a stabilization phase now, with no more hard and dangerous work on the global architecture, but a stable phase that will allow us to still clean some part of the code, make the module API very easy to use and clear, so we will be able to fix it for the 1.X branch, and wrote doc. A lot of doc.

yes write (new) doc  will be very helpful to new comers, but also clean the current one, as the wiki etc..

 Of course the development will continue, but I think we should take a month or two to focus on documentation, and make a lot of tutorials, instead of the old documentation that is quite hard to read and follow.

I also agree.

Unfortunately we are, at least both, not native English and so we don't always use the appropriate terms/syntax/clarity/.., specially for tutorials I think..    but we can still make some docs but then why not let's mark them somehow as "to be checked (language)" and by then some native English guy can back check them any when..  

So if you can't code, please open an account on the wiki (http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/wiki/), take a feature you like, and start to wrote a little tutorial :)

It can help the project far more than all code.

i totally agree :)


PS: yes, I step over the 0.7 version, because now we should get a "stable" number before the end of the year, we are already in prod in some place,

douh, I guess it's not "critical" services that some human lifes are depending on ;) though I do think that shinken is already very stable (thx to the tests but not only) regarding what we do/ have done.

so I think it's time to raise up numbers a little more, and get the 1.0 at the end of the year :)

why not, it'd effectively be very pleasant & noticeable to have a 1.0 version by 1st January \o/