I have been lurking in the list for some time and I think the whole Shinken 
thing is very interesting. The Nagios ecosystem was already quite dynamic only 
to be hindered by the Nagios project itself. So seeing this kind of initiative 
comes as a glimpse of hope for us users :)

Anyway, to contribute what I can, I have some code about this that I had 
planned to release some time ago. Here it is all unsorted :). I hav put it up 
at http://nrpy.depertat.net. I don't have time to work on it right now (as in 
make it evolve), so if you guys see anything interesting in it, feel free to 
take what you want. The nagios checks part might not be functional.

I will keep on reading the list so if you have any question I'll try to answer 
as best as I can.


Albéric de Pertat