2011/1/26 Gerhard Lausser <Gerhard.Lausser@consol.de>

> Anyway, to contribute what I can, I have some code about this
> that I had planned to release some time ago. Here it is all
> unsorted :). I hav put it up at http://nrpy.depertat.net. I
i had a quick look at the code to find out what this thing was made for
As i understand, it is primarily a nrpe daemon, isn't it?

It is indeed, and based on twisted which shinken doesn't use if I'm not mistaken, so that would add quite a big dependency.
check.py looks like a check_nrpe, so calling this code instead of forking
a real check_nrpe could surely speed things up. The only thing missing
seems to be timeout handling (not the existing connection establish
timeout, but cutting the connection if the other side takes too long to
execute the command)

The timeout code is there. My original aim was to be able to replace seamlessly both the nrpe binary and the check_nrpe, leaving all options the same (like shinken does in fact). To say that it works is another matter :) As I said, this has been tested in a narrow and friendly environment so it might not work everywhere.

Thanks for that code, i'm sure it'll become part of the pollers.

Glad to help.

Albéric de Pertat