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Hi all,

 I am currently exploring the possibilities for passive check
submission to Shinken. As I understand it, the Nagios NSCA server has
been implemented as an arbiter module
and listens for messages sent by client_nsca ( or possibly some other
program that implements the desired encryption and packet protocol).
Unfortunately, this architecture is
not distributed, since all checks done on remote hosts must be sent to
a single Arbiter instance. Moreover, I don't quite understand why
Arbiter was designated for
processing the passive checks, even when using only the named pipe,
since its main job is supposed to be to distribute the configuration
to all other daemons. Wouldn't it be more
prudent to have this processing done by satellites, like pollers or
brokers? It seems to me that this centralization contradicts the whole
distributed philosophy of Shinken, so I wanted to
ask on the mailing list if there are any ideas to change this in the
future, or even better, if it is possible to have distributed passive
service checks in some form with the current version of Shinken?
It's a very good question. In fact the arbiter is the only one to know about who is managing which host, so all external commands should go through it.

You can send external command in the livestatus of the broker, but if you have only one broker, it's a problem.

That why I proposed in a previous thread in aside a new daemon, shinken-receiver that will be optional, and will be abel to load arbiter module and so be the "NSCA server" of one realm, and maybe one other daemon to another realm for example. The arbiter will "reap" all external commands each N seconds an then process them and send them back to all/one scheduler(s).

I planned it for 0.7, or if we've got the time for the end of the 0.6 but I'm not sure we will be able to get it in it :)

In fact this daemon will be very very small, nearly all code is already available, it's just a matter of time :)
If someone want to work on it from now, the place is opened :)


Venelin Petkov

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