2011/1/26 Albéric de Pertat <alberic@depertat.net>

We should be able to use is as a new daemon, but it will be hard to use the client part into the Shinken code because we are in Affero GPLv3, so a simple inclusion in the core is not that easy with "different" licenses.

Do you think it's possible to change the code to the Affero license? (and after all, for a network daemon, it's better for users ;) ). It is just GPLV3 + if the user interact with the daemon in network, he should be able to have the code.
You want it, you get it. I've updated the setup.py files. Let me know if you need more than this. I'll try to open a git access to the repo so you can clone it.
Cool! Thanks a lot. This will allow us to mix your code and our first nrpe client version at least, and propose a standard lib that modules/checks can use and start to bench.

For the server, we should look if we really need to make one, and if so what we should really add in it to do not just do "just another daemon". I didn't look closer at the code, so maybe there already a lot of things like it in it :)

Let start with the "easy" client and poller modules, then we can start to think to after. If some are interesting to start directly to the daemon mode, they can of course, I won't stop them :)


Albéric de Pertat