ok I see,

thanks for the explanation Gerhard.


2011/2/25 Gerhard Lausser <Gerhard.Lausser@consol.de>

you only see livestatus output, because there is only one resultfile.
Normally, nosetests are executed like:

nosetests --with-xunit list_of_py_files

Then you'll get an output file nosetests.xml which contains information on
every single python-file from the list. But with Shinken you'll get
strange errors. (try it with cd test; nosetests --with-xunit
That's why we said, don't spend much time on this issue and run the
testscripts separately.
So now the Shinken test looks like

for f in list_of_py_files
 nosetests --with-xunit f

which means that after every loop you get another nosetests.xml file which
contains only the data for file f.
As test_lifestatus is the last one in the list, you see lifestatus'
nosetests.xml as hudson's result.


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> is it normal that there is only test_livestatus for a long
> time already on that specific job/task ?
> greg.