2011/2/25 Grégory Starck <g.starck@gmail.com>

I'm trying to fully setup a centreon (2.1.10) with my shinken instance (to see how centreon is).

after good install of centreon and first setup:

- I've changed the poller name & setting in the "configuration->centreon->pollers-> and changed the name to scheduler-1 (name of my shinken scheduler).
Good :) 
- I've also put the port of my shinken livestatus module in "config->centreon->ndo2db->general" tab.
Not good. Centreon is using NDO only. So you need to add the mysql_ndo module of the shinken-specific.cfg to your broker. It will update by itself the database. 
- I've also setup in "config->centreon->ndo2db->database" the database that's used by my shinken broker ndoDB module (mysql) (but not sure it's correctly used).
Yes, it's need so centreon can look at the good database :)

I can already see the hosts/services in the "Monitoring" tab/view.

but in the "Views" & "Reporting" tabs I don't see them at all ; there is only the one of centreon itself (Centreon-Server)..
That mean the ndo module didn't overwrite this defaut data, that's all.


I'm a bit lost with the config to be done within centreon to have all possible features available..  don't know what I'm missing or not correct..

any hint ?



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