2011/3/8 Henti Smith <henti@geekware.co.za>
> effectively. but the solution is I think to found how/to what changed
> delegateTo() with Pyro4 ; I'm looking,
> should provide a real fix soon..
>  greg.

No problem. I'm happy to assist where I can.


yes thanks for that :)

Can you please try with following change :

in file daemon.py :

-class Interface(object):
+class Interface(Pyro.core.ObjBase):
     """ Interface for pyro communications """
     def __init__(self, app):
         """ 'appī is to be set to the owner of this interface. """
-        self.pyro_obj = Pyro.core.ObjBase() 
-        self.pyro_obj.delegateTo(self)
+        super(Pyro.core.ObjBase, self).__init__()

found "solution" from:  http://www.razorvine.net/python/Pyro/Migration  :

2. Pyro.core.ObjBase is gone, just use any class directly as a Pyro object. Pyro injects a few magic attributes in your object though. Their names start with _pyro for easy identification.




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