In my opinion it is not safe to do this as everyone knowing the tel number could ack services/hosts problems
it should be better to add a passphrase in the body of the message 


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De: "nap" <>
Envoyé: Mercredi 2 Novembre 2011 13:54:35
Objet: Re: [Shinken-devel] Shinken and Android (+SMS) : it works :)

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 1:49 PM, nap <> wrote:
Hi all,

Great news, the reactionner daemon can be launched on an Android phone now!!

Ok, and why is it so great? Because I also added a reactionner module for sending SMS with Android. So now you can have a high availability "SMS phones" setup (active/active or active/passive), with the sms commands that will be launched in theses daemons, and others notifications (like mail or twitter ones) that will be launched by the others reactionners :)

So it will be easier to put the shinken setup in a virtual server, you won't have to got an hard link usb phone on your esx, you can now move the Shinken VM(s) where you want.

It's very easy to setup and run on a low performance phone like mine (HTC tatoo, Android 1.6). You can see the documentation in the wiki : and the sample configuration in the source.

Good test :)

Hi all,

I added a new functionality to this module. Now if you send a SMS message to the android phone with the message :
Ack myhost/myservice

It will raise an acknowledgment to this service. It works too for hosts of course.

Please test it and let me know it you like it :)



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