Personally, it’s really just the reporting function that is great, because you can define SLAs for each host, service, hostgroup, service group, etc. which from my point of view needs to be included, when you really want to measure the overall performance of your systems. For me knowing that a system does not respond to a ping is one thing, but seeing the SLA agreed with the customer (in our case the single departments), you always have some evidence on hand, to show how good or bad we are really are. This is the major reason why Ninja is on my list here. Generally I am not the “colored icon clicker” I can live pretty well with my SSH access J.

The good thing about the the reports is that you can schedule them in Ninja, means from what I know, it’s just inserting a cron job running a script with certain parameters, so depending on the complexity, I may have the change to do this via console. So for the beginning it might be just an effort of filling the correct merlin tables and focus more on the Shinken core, as I do not want to distract the main shinken developer with stuff, I just like to have J. I can then see if the reporting can be covered that way, and if the whole community screams for more Ninja integration you can decide, if ti’s worth to put more work into it. My programming skills are unfortunately not good enough to help out here, well, otherwise I wouldn’t ask J




P.S. How comes that on sourceforge it’s opening a new topic even when I reply to existing emails to this one ?  Can you somehow merge them together, as I do not want to spam the whole mailing list, with the same topic.



Von: nap []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011 12:43
Betreff: Re: [Shinken-devel] Feature request: merlindb



On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Hienz, Michael <> wrote:

Hi Jean,



I am not sure which merlin db version you used when coding the broker for it, but my suggestion would be to use the merlin 0.9.0 one. This is the latest stable one and the one they are currently developing on. In regards to the reports the Ninja itself install will take care about the additional tables needed and the broker itself, does not need to feed those, because it’s pulling the information from the exsting merlin tables.

One question I have though, with the 0.5.6 version of Shinken. There now is a module to run the “old” Nagios command pipe, which is great, because when using Ninja adding comments or downtimes for example, these are submitted to the nagios.cmd. (That is stuff not working in your VMWare Virtual box builds). Nevertheless when I add a comment to a host through Ninja, it successfully makes the entry and I can see that comment in the Thruk frontend for example, but it does not appear on the Ninja frontend, because the corresponding db table is not filled with that data. I assume (haven’t checked this yet) that the merlin daemon usually needs to fill that piece of data, so it’s not done by Ninja itself.

Yes, it is just tables we do not fill right now I think. I didn't work on this module since months, because no one seems to mix Shinken and Ninja, but if you want it, it will raise in my priority tasks :)

That would mean that the merlin broker, needs to be adjusted in a way that all kind of commands coming through Ninja frontend (acknowledgements, comments, scheduled downtimes, etc.) are inserted into the merlin db. I am not sure how big your focus is on this frontend support, because I have seen you mentioning that Ninja is not multi daemon compatible and if you use multiple daemons in shinken, you just see half of the checks made. On the other hand it’s a good frontend, especially in the reports area, and this kind of functionality is always a good “seller”, when talking to the decision makers. J

The multi daemon problem was with a old version, I think now this should be solved in a current Ninja version, I'll try to look if it's good or not :)

The problem with Ninja is that it will never manage some main shinken features like root problem/uimpact + criticity for example, and it's quite a big miss for users I think. But if you want to run with it, especially with the good reporting module, it can be good to upgrade the module for new versions :)






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