Happy new year from this side of the ocean!

I would also like to chime on this.

Graphite has built-in holt-winters support, trendlines, functions for comparing a time period versus a previous time period, etc.

We should concentrate on integrating better calling of the graphing functions of graphite and a (new) storage mechanism that is only used for Shinken.

What you are doing is great, but in the longer term it may be better to focus on a backend that has more support and ecosystem and that can be used natively within Shinken. I think the ideas you have can be applied against Graphite to provide really really good stuff!!

Hermann, there is already an existing Shinken module to send data to Graphite (carbon), have you looked at it?



On 13-01-03 5:44 AM, Hermann Lauer wrote:
Hello Jean,

On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 10:03:12AM +0100, nap wrote:
Good test, and happy new year :)
Happy new year from here, too.

some news about this. I'm cleaning the code a little bit, but I'm also
adding a forecasting feature to this algorithm. Here are two screenshots :
* source.png : disks perfdata over some weeks
* forecast.png : in red, the "one week trend", in blue the "evolution" of
this trending over the weeks (so an average of the average?), and in yellow
the forecast values for the "next weeks".

Such forecasting can be useful for disks, but can be even more useful for
"huge variation" perfdata, like memory. A classic linear curve won't help
you on such perfdata, because you will swap far before your average value
will raise a simple warning. With "forecasting on trending", you will still
see the top values variations, and so you will see that this top will go
over this warning or critical values.
Nice to see your activity in this area - is this related to the Holt-Winters
mechanism available in rrd ? If I remember correct, those uses a periodic variation 
with an additional linear part.

Another question: Is the usage of carbon-cache (from graphite) as perfdata storage
for the forecasting thinkable ?

At the moment we use our modules at https://bitbucket.org/hlauer/shinken2rrd to put our 
perfdata from shinken into carbon-cache (besides other sources using the same minimalistic 
udp protocol).

If there is interrest in adding the two broker modules (as asked some time ago) I will
happily change the name of the modules.

Thanks and greetings,

P.S: This time only one typo attached ;-)

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